With the development of technology, it is a blessing but other times, seems like it is not. Even it does make our lives easier, it also seem to make it busier and not to mention ignoring reality. For that matter, we decided to make this blog to give you tips and ways in balancing it out.

Here are the people that made it possible:


A self-proclaimed book nerd. She grew up reading a lot of books and would like to share it with others. She believes it doesn’t matter how someone will do it as long as they get to finish a book and learn from it. With that, she knows and shows many ways of doing just that.


She loves new gadgets and technology yet also wants to do things without it. She gathers tips on how one will be able to balance this high-tech life.


Like any other mom, she wants the best for her children. It seems hard to get their attention amidst of technology, but she had learned ways to do it and would like to share it with other parents.